on Bass
  I started on bass, when guitar hurt so much trying to hold down those rotten chords. One note at a time was the way to go! I got a Kimberly Beatle bass copy from Lafayette Radio in Plainfield, NJ. Had to go through 4 of them to find one that wasn't broken. LOL. Univox bass amp and I'm playing out right away. Everyone needed a bass player! First gig was my 6th grade class party. Epiphany. Parents upgraded me to a used Gibson EB2dc and a Fender Bassman amp. Living the life now. We were competing in the high school Battle of the Bands when the Fender melted down on the intro of "Live With Me". Horror. Richie Sambora's band won. Next week we went to Rondo Music in Union, NJ and my wonderful father put a down payment on a new Ampeg. The greatest bass amp of all time. No turning back now. Playing bass with Tommy Tutone in the 1980's opened up a new world of fantastic experiences. Probably the most important instrument I own is a Factor bass that Phill Kubicki built for me. There is a description of it on my "About" page. He was one of nicest people you would ever meet.